We are proud to be the exclusive source for official XTERRA jewelry gear.

As a division of Terryberry, (best known for employee recognition awards and programs), XTERRA Jewelry is a passion project. Our jewelry is designed by a triathlon fanatic, for triathlon fanatics.

Managing partner, Mike Byam oversees the design of all of our XTERRA pieces. Mike is a genuine tri geek. He has been involved in triathlon since 1996 and has also completed a number of marathons. Mike would say the most challenging race he’s ever completed was the 2008 XTERRA Championship in Maui.

As someone who is passionate about his sport, Mike had a personal desire for cool-looking jewelry to commemorate milestones in his tri journey. That led him to a relationship with XTERRA to offer pieces like XTERRA logo rings that can incorporate a finish time.

XTERRA jewelry pieces are handcrafted by jewelry artisans using the finest quality materials to offer you a truly special personal memento that reflects your passion.

Rest assured, your XTERRA jewelry is backed by a company full of tri nerds. Check out Team Terryberry’s Hood-to-Coast contingent who completed the 197 mile relay through the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to support A-T.

XTERRA Jewelry is a proud sponsor of 2008 & 2009 XTERRA world champion Julie Dibens. Visit Julie’s website, http://www.juliedibens.com to see where she and her XTERRA jewelry are headed next!


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